Thursday, December 31, 2015

Back to blogging

Oh have I missed blogging, finally had our laptop fixed a year later!!! I love blogging for so many reasons. The biggest reason is that most of the time, the words in my heart and brain do not match what comes out of my mouth. I hate that. Most people do not really know me ( or at least I do not think they do) and I really hate that. And honestly I don't give people the opportunity.
2015 has been a stable year except for a few things. My sweet girl is doing well at school, although we have our struggles. The biggest event for me was almost losing my mom. Driving from Atlanta to New Smyrna in the middle of the night all alone gives you the time to have some scary thoughts. Walking in and seeing your mom intubated was the hardest thing I have seen or had to deal with. My mom, I couldn't do anything for her but pray so that is what we did. More on that later. Thankfully my mom is home and making us laugh again.
I am glad to see 2015 go. I am joyful and have been blessed beyond measure but so many regrets occurred this year. I didn't trust enough. I didn't give enough. I didn't teach enough and I didn't love enough. No one can make excuses for me, its just sad. I have to obey more. Little eyes are watching me and not only see what I am doing, I'm learning she can sense my heart as well. Tired of caring too much about what people think of me. Not living the way I should be. I know I could be living better so that's part of next year. God gave me this life so that I could live it to the fullest and I want to be sincere. So lots to work on this year....

Sunday, March 15, 2015

China 2009

2009 this was taken just a few days before Michael and I became parents. What a trip of lifetime. The wait to become parents was needed!!! We were blessed with an amazing travel group and that helped us tremendously!