Tuesday, April 30, 2013

58. Sophia the First on Disney Channel

59. The re-discovery of the library and learning the rules when we visit

60. Mommy-daughter bonding time on quick trip to Florida

61. Hubbys spaghetti

62. Coworkers who remember to ask me about Gotcha Day and the ability to share those videos

63. Getting to meet and care of China babies at work

64. Fear. I am not thankful for fear but thankful that God uses fear to bring me closer to Him

65. Friends who fight to bring their kids home. I hate they have to fight but love seeing how God works in those moments

66. Music where the lyrics remind me of the Truth

67. Anticipation of summer

68. The peace of decision making and not looking back

69. The idea of getting out of comfortable zone to experience something new

Friday, April 12, 2013


48. Facebook chats with my moms neighbor. Its nice to have an extra set of eyes on her

49. I am almost another decade and can still be stilly

50. I have not had a coke zero at work in 5 shifts

51. My daughter laughs at herself

52. Church friends who are the church outside of the building

53. friends who cheer me on every time I start the weight loss journey and do not give up on me

54. That I am aware that jealousy is an evil emotion that robs us of joy and wastes our time

55. weather reports that tell us when bad storms are coming.

56. Jonathon, our favorite Publix employee, who always makes sweet girl laugh and asks the best questions

57. Friends who are not afraid to ask the scary questions


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Heart Heavy

Oh I hate being away from family. Here I am 8 hours away, having to work the next 3 shifts and my mother is being taken to the Emergency Room. I am not sure what is going on, but thankful for the neighbor who is so kind to do this. I am thankful that my mom is loved by my Heavenly father and my Earthly one.

I wish my head had a filter for my emotions. Too many going on one night. Scared to death for my mom but excited that my daughter showed me more things this week. Randomly writing letters and jamming to Vanilla Ice.  I do not like fear. I hate fear. I know that some fear can be healthy but I know it should never overwhelm your heart and mind like it is right now. Hoping this too shall past!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Being Thankful 33-47

33. Spring Break

34. Play dates with friends we do not see often

35. watching one 5 year old teach another 5 year old how to dig and collect rocks

36. A sweet 5 year old singing Ice Ice Baby back to me 

37. Improved communication skills

38. Patient's families teaching me that judgement stinks

39. Friends who love me despite knowing my faults (this should be on every list)

40. Summer is getting closer

41. Random giggles

42. Library books that have taught this mom to read some of them first

43. Facebook online garage sales and scoring some Disney Kinkaid Prints

44. College roommate finally getting close to getting her sweet China baby

45. College friends beginning the very step in adoption

46. Childhood pictures showing up on facebook that I thought were lost in a house fire.

47. Warm showers, cars to drive in, phones that can do almost anything. There are people who do not have these luxuries.

Friday, April 5, 2013

For soooo many things

22. A husband who brings me dinner to take to work

23. a husband who sends me encouraging texts to work

24. a daughter who reminds me that my day should be full of sillies

25. Bible study women who share their heart and encourage many

26. Thankful that God can take yucky emotions like jealousy and turn them into awesomeness

27. Pandora stations like Passion that make the drive to work better

28. Season 3 of Downton Abbey, but not so much the finale

29.Reliving Disney memories with my sweet girl

30. communicating with relatives on facebook and learning  so much about whats going on

31.Spring because that means summer is approaching and then fall and that means CHRISTMAS will soon be here.....yippeeee

32. finding 10-15 minutes here and there to catch up on  new book

Monday, April 1, 2013



12. Food in my fridge
13. Dish washers
14. Trash service
15. the ability to take my daughter to the library and park after school
16. To see her emotions growing to understand sadness and joy
17. Bible Study friends of all ages who do not judge, but encourage and advise when necessary
18. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob- those before me have shown how God is faithful. 
19. Opportunities for LynnMarie opening up all around us
20. Wonderful coworkers, may whom I have had for over 10 years
21. The fact that we do not have to walk to get clean water 

So many basic things have been on my mind after watching a show on 60 minutes this week. It was entitled Lost Boys and showed men from Africa making a new life in the United States  and they appreciated everything, even a toaster. I am humbled by having so much. Who needs 2 bookcases full of books? Who needs over 100 DVDs and Cd's?  Its crazy how much we have. There are people who do not sleep with a pillow or shower with hot water. Its CRAZY! Just imagining what life would be like if we all shared our resources and spent our life helping others. 

Selfishness stinks. 

What are you thankful for?