Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer has started. I have no plans. Well, entertaining sweet girl, getting lots of studying done (4 classes left) and losing weight are my plans. LynnMarie has plans. So far, 3 VBS's and one Bible camp and if we can swing a  Princess music camp will keep her busy. I am hoping to get home to Fl for at least a week but that is not in place yet.

Working on making a difference. Going on and being the hands and feet of Jesus. Not sure why I have not made any attempt so far, but I am sure its pretty much due to laziness. I find it funny because reading LM her Bible story book every night is reminding me about what I have and what I need to be. So lots going on in my mind right now. Work is busy. Lots and lots of kids in the hospital these days, a lot are accidents.  We are seeing a lot of normal kid accidents but a lot are on trampolines, even the ones with with the screens..UGH!! So much stuff out there, it is crazy!!! 

Just read this, what a boring post!! Sorry!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I am feeling like Forrest Gump these days. You know when he says "I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is".  He knew how to love, to show love. He was a simple guy, not requiring a lot of attention. I need something to snap me  into the loving everyone thing. I just desire to live a life of love. I want to stop getting frustrated, impatient and judgemental and see everyone as equal. I want to be able to offer hope to my neighbor. I can state that I doubt most people see God through me when I am getting in one of my moods. My desire is to make conscious decisions with my attitude.  I swear the other night I kept hearing a voice tell me "Choose to love" while I was about to get impatient.  I love when  I hear that. It was a great reminder.

I am rereading the book of James  and maybe I will start blogging about that because that book is full of powerful words for my soul!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ugh! I really wanted to spend more time here but life has been as it usually is, just busy. It has been a really interesting few months. No major drama, just a lot of self awareness going on. Seeing things with new eyes, most of it involving a precious 4 year old that is AMAZING. I can almost understand why God says in order to get into the kingdom, you must be child like. I do not fully get it, but I can kind of understand. On that note, LynnMarie has a Bible story or 2 or 3 every night. I am loving it and getting ready to go through her Adventure Bible again. I am loving this time. I do not remember most of these stories growing up, or at least some of the details! I really think adults should have Sunday school classes like we did as kids, don't ya think?

Back on the weight loss wagon. AGAIN!  I have lost about 20 pounds this month doing the Weight Watcher thing. Apparently just going to meetings does not make you lose weight, you have to do the program as well. So far so good, and I have been back to the gym ONCE but plan on going tomorrow. I will let you know if that happens!!

I am still a nurse for CHOA, still working the night shift. 10 1/2 years and still going!!!!