Wednesday, January 22, 2014

and yet another 39 things about me

1. I could live at Disney if I could. Not really, but planning a trip is as much fun as actually going
2. I may have the silliest child in the world.
3. Before I met my husband, I did not listen to Buffet or musicals. Since being married, I have learned to loved both
4, As much as I loved pediatrics, I really miss working with the elderly They were quite entertaining and had the best stories.
5. It took my longer than most to become a nurse, but thankful for the journey that got me there
6. I could shop for Christmas decorations year round.
7. Our adoption story started many years ago on an excursion on a Disney Cruise. God works anywhere!
8. I care way to much about what people think..Its very sad!
9.I prefer cold weather over hot weather any day but I do love a Caribbean Cruise
10.  I picked October as our wedding month so we could always have a fall anniversary trip!
11. I have so many dreams and  no clue how to achieve them
12.I never drank unsweetened tea until I get married and now believe that Cracker Barrel has the best in the world
13. I want to have an Anne of Green Gables marathon
14. I remember my parents watching Dallas every Friday night..I guess it was their Downton Abbey.
15. My dad traveled a lot when we were younger and always brought us a prize home.
16. I did not go to my senior prom and I still do not regret it.
17.It took my a long time to realize that being a Christian was more than just following a book of rules
18. I hated communion Sundays in church only because I knew I would spill the grape juice..Thankful for the walk up kind now.
29. I have never had a beer. I have never said I haven't had alcohol, just not a beer
30. I share more things with people on fb then in real life.
31. I wish I had a British accent
32.I would have enjoyed living on Little House on the Prairie
33.When I was 19 I discovered EBAY and bought A LOT OF Christmas stuff. Got boxes daily. I paid 10 dollars for a beautiful Christmas plantar. I opened it and saw a .99 price tag on it.Poor me!
34. In nursing school I had a patients toe fall off in my hand. Yes, read it again.
35.I did not go to my first funeral  until I became a pediatric nurse
36. I cheated for the first time in  First grade. I had to do a book report and pretty much just rewrote the story and turned it in.
37.I judge way too much, yet I hate to be judged.
38.I used to go to Jim and Tammy Fays PTL club a lot as a child and see the Christmas lights with my grandparents.
39. I cried the entire movie of Radio.

Friday, January 17, 2014

39 things about Amy you may not know

39 things that you may or may not know about me....

1. Born in Gainesville, Fl
2. Have lived in FL, Ga, Tn, Ms, Va, S.C
3. If I had to pick anywhere to spend a week in the continental U.S it would be Williamsburg, Va
4. I love to cruise...
5. Met my hubby online, and married him a year later.
6. My husband and I have the same birthday
7. I have 2 cats even though I think I am a dog person.I have had several cocker spaniels
8. May as well get this out of the way. I have a list of words that I just do not care for. This is not for attention and I will not mention any of them, words that make me squirm (surprisingly this is not one of those words).
9. I saw 8 Seconds at the movie theatre 8 times. I had a thing for Luke Perry
10. On that note, I had a thing for 90210 and still think Brenda and Dylan should be together
11. This should be number one but I love love love God and am blessed as to what he has shown me through out the years. He whispers and shouts and does what He needs to do to get my attention.
12. On that note, I have heard God calling me to serve in Africa. For those who are thinking WHAT? Yep, I put it out there for the world to see. Fear is holding me back and I hate that.
13. I went on my first mission trip in 9th grade to Quito Ecuador and it was amazing.
14. I have a daughter from China. Yes for those of you are asking, she is adopted. I have had that question. She is amazing and how she came to us was better than I could have ever imagined.
15. I am a pediatric nurse and have been for over 12 years. I have worked on a Craniofacial/Neuro floor and love it. 
16. I have 1 younger sister and brother who helped me become who I am today. I mean that as a good thing. I promise.
17.  I eat ketchup in my macaroni and cheese because as a child my favorite meal was fish sticks, peas and macaroni and cheese  and well, I used to get ketchup  in my macaroni
18. I babysat A LOT as a teenager.
19. I loved boy bands STILL.
20. I have never seen a Harry Potter, Twilight or Hunger Games nor have I read the books.
21. I am not good at IV's
22. I would love to see NYC at Christmas time
23. My husband introduced me to Jimmy Buffet, and musicals.
24. I have seen Wicked twice and want to see it again!
25. Some of my favorite authors are Debbie Macomber, Karen Kingsbury, Sophia Kinsella, Francis Chan and Max Lucado.
26. I remember playing a game called Super Racko when I was a kid
27. My first car was a Chevrolet Caprice and I would drive it from college in Tn or home in Fl listening to a lot of CHRISTMAS music.
28. On that note, I love the holiday and wish the season could start mid November. There is never enough time for all of my Christmas music and movies..Drives me crazy
29. I think that Phoebe and I from Friends would get along amazingly
30. Creating memories is fun but can be kind of stressful. I try to think about that any family event.
31. If given the chance I would work with Dr. Derrik Shephard
32. I cry at Hallmark movies and commercials. A lot. Really. 
33. I like to plan things. Dream things. I do this a lot. This requires a lot of internet searches. 
34. I love road trips.
35. Before college, I have vacationed to New England, Las Vegas, London,Washington State and few other places.
36. I have amazing parents !! They have given my so many memories that have impacted who I am today. Love them so much and wish I could give them half of what they have given me
37. I took my driving test more than once.. That's all I am saying,
38. My college roomie and I got in my Mazda Protege and started my car. All of sudden we heard music we were not used to and realized my keys started the wrong car.
39. That same roomie and I went for a long walk one day at a park. We sort of stole a sign and took off running..Loved those moments.

Ok so my 39 things are not that interesting, but they are mine..HAHA

Being Thankful

115. Being alive for 39 years
116. A big change at work coming and the fact that I am not freaked out about it
117. Watching friends step out in faith and watching the blessings fall upon them
118. Sharing a birthday with my sweet hubby
119. Watching my daughter blossom over the past month
120. People who love my girl and are always so encouraging
121. Friends who are buying girl scout cookies even when they are not cookie eaters, yall rock!
122. Facebook- its a hit or miss but thankful for connecting to really old friends
123. College memories- enough said
124. People who really want to get to know you and don't give up on you
125. Employment
126. Basic needs are met- Food,clothing and shelter
127. Forgiveness

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hello 2014

I fail at New Years resolutions or goals so this year  I am just going to focus on a lot of things I need to be better at.

Here in no particular order are what I need to be better at

1)More time in the Bible and prayer- This is a must. Need to quit whining to the human race and start working on getting my heart right. Simple as that.
2) Spend less time on facebook. Social media is driving my crazy. I love love love keeping in touch with my friends and family but thats about it. As someone who has serious jealous issues, facebook is no help. Everyime I get on there, I feel like I all I see is  "look what I got" or "my kid is so awesome that.." or etc. Anyway, I am aware that most people are not like that and its just the way I perceive it, but perhaps I can get rid of some of this yuckiness.
3)Go out of my way to be a better friend. Yall, friendships are hard and require some work. Really they do. I need to quit whining and start serving, helping and sharing. Keeping too much closed up is no good for friendships
4 These are my big goals of the year. I should have used an outline as their lots that go under each heading..HAHA! If you know me, I like to make lists!! THanks for reading friends