Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Creepy Fear

Praying that fear leaves me alone. Its not from God, and I just don't like the feeling at all. Since last September, when yucky things started to happen to my amazing mom, I automatically thought the worse and I did not like it one bit. Mom got very sick last year and God and I had lots and lots of talks. Good talks, scary talks, but talks that I needed to have. Such a sweet time, one that I will remember but goodness, I know that I shouldn't fear the way I do. When I was 14, I chose my life verse and it was

2 Timothy 1:7

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

Yet I still feared.BIG TIME. One of my weaknesses is that its very hard to share the hard stuff with people. I hate that. So I didn't let people know that fear was causing my anxiety to control all of my life which stole my joy.

So,that stinky fear is creeping in again and its affecting a lot of my life as well. So, just to clue you in, if I am short with you, acting funny, its not because I am crazy, I am beginning to feel fear again but claiming it goes away and peace fills our family. So if you could please please pray for this, I would greatly appreciate it. Too much going on right now and apparently I cant control everything anymore. HAHA. I apparently have issues.

So, I am back to blogging hoping it will help like before. I feel like if I fill my heart with fear. I am going to miss all the big things my God has in store and I surely do not want to miss that.  

That's it. My undiagnosed ADD is kicking in and I am working on 3 books that I need to go work on. Thankful for my new Bible Study this year as I am surrounded by amazing women that I have known for a decade and getting to study Mark with them. WooHOO!!

Amy C