Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Days of Being Thankful

11. A sweet friend who has encouraged and prayed for me and hundreds if not thousands over the years, and getting ready to FIGHT HARD. Thankful for her friendship, prayers, authenticity, advice and faithfulness.
12. My sweet girls questions about Martin Luther King Jr. Hard questions but love that she wants everyone to love and to love back. Doesn't understand why people would ever treat people with discrimination.
13. Cold Weather- sorry peeps, I love the cold weather.
14. Simple meals like ravioli or baked potato
15. The reminders about the destruction of gossip in my Bible study app this week.
16. A sister who is just awesome. She struggles like a lot of people, but stays joyful and full of love
17. My amazing niece who has started learning to drive.
18. Meeting adoptive families at work!!
19. 20 days free of soda and candy
20. Touch Math- a way LynnMarie has started learning addition and subtracting

Saturday, January 9, 2016

2016 thankful list

This list is in no way any type of order but just a reminder to be thankful for the  good, the bad, the big and the little things in life.

1) The basics and this is more than sooo many in the world. I have a job, a home, transportation, money for food and other things. So blessed
2) Children's HealthCare of Atlanta- Not to mention being my employer for the past 14.5 years. they have taken care of LynnMarie and many of her friends. Very blessed to still take care of little people.
3)Reality tv- not a joke. Love shows that don't make me think and a few shows make me want to be a better person.
4) My sweet girls determination. Watcher her try over and
over to climb a rope at a jumpy place. She did not give up. She got off, waited for the next person to go and then  tried again. Such a sweet feeling when she finally got off.
5) My sister- always inspires me with her attitude, focus, motivation and ability to multi-task. Everyone needs a Kelly in their lives
6)God's word- so much stuff in their that is still current. I've loved getting back in
7)Friends who share their suffering- I know it must be uncomfortable, but it such an encouragement to see what God does during that time.
8) Friends who choose to see past sarcasm
9)the ability to love and give- hope to actually do that more this year
10) Our military and police officers- I surely can not fathom choosing to protect our country, our cities, knowing you are risking your life every single day but I am so thankful for these men and women and their families.

Friday, January 1, 2016

What will be in 2016?

Or what will I bring to 2016? Lots of room for improvement so that's a good thing. Desiring to live, love and give better this year and to show patience and unconditional love to many. My  word for the year will be INTENTIONAL. Intentional living, giving, and loving.

Other resolutions or goals or improvement projects
1) NO coke zero or soda- (exception on our cruise in May)
2) Spend more time in the word other than doing homework for my Bible Study
3) Going to quit waiting for others to work on building friendships and start asking my self. I sure have wasted a lot of time keeping people away.
4) Give weekly and monthly. We are going to give to the church, purchase something each week for the MUST ministry emergency list each week and find a place to volunteer together, like a nursing home monthly.
5) Quit using other people as an excuse and just eat better and exercise more.
6) See my family more. Not just my mom and dad and sister, but my extended family as well.

This is where I am starting. Too tired to post everything I want to and it wouldn't make sense anyway. I wish everyone a wonderful New Year and get those goals going.