Thursday, June 14, 2012

God's whispers

So, I have been having some serious prayer time these days. Asking God to open my eyes and ears to hear and see things in a different light. He has been doing that a little bit at a time through friends, my daughter and other experiences. I am so wanting some big change that I had been focusing on THE CHANGE, and that was not good.

I have heard God sweetly tell me to slow down, enjoy life and be willing to obey. I once read that the more you obey, the easier it will be to hear HIS voice. I am working on it. But as usual, its hard to obey the things that are uncomfortable for me. That has always been the case.

I am not one that can use big Christian words like many, I am not the best at praying out loud and I am struggling with living a life that shows my love for Him when I am out in public. But I am working on it, I really am.

A few months ago, at church, I heard a whisper from God as our church talked about missions (specifically Africa) I am not sure what it was about, but I heard Him say, Why not you? I am big on making excuses, and I quickly replied...because. That's all I had. Ugh. I have been waiting for doors to be open to be encouraged,, blah blah blah. That's another excuse because if I truly were chasing after Him, I would running towards the opportunities, there are several around me.

So, I am leaving the church this morning from dropping LynnMarie off at VBS and I see a lady that I was in Bible Study with last team.  We chatted, looking forward to our Bible study in the fall and she tells me she just got back from Haiti. Without a beat, she asked me when I am going to Africa? Ok, I didn't mention this in Bible Study, nor her as I do not know her very well. I gave her a list of my excuses, including not leaving my girl for 2 weeks and she tells me that she left her 4 little ones and that she would be praying for me. I walked away thinking I should not have told her that ( I'm being honest here). I got in my car. Thought about it. Thought about my excuse and heard "Amy, you can't leave your family and comfort for 2 weeks? I gave my son for you, and you can't serve me alone for 2 weeks? I promise you, your life will be changed. OBEY ME! Seriously, these moments have been coming a bit more frequently and I drove away teary eyed.

More to come

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Copied this from my friend Rebecca and I know she won't mind. There will not be a certain number on my list nor will all of it make sense to you guys but its time to remember to be thankful to the One who has given me far more than I could ever deserve!

1) My family
2) Quick trips to Florida to get hubby a car
3) A sister who helped get the above
4) a job that has opened so many doors for the past 10 years
5) the ability to talk to the One who created me
6) Chinese mermaid princesses
7) Tinkerbell fairy rescues
8) my bed
9) my roof
10) socks and shoes
11)Swallowzz Nest (my sweet girl's very first home)