Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer has started. I have no plans. Well, entertaining sweet girl, getting lots of studying done (4 classes left) and losing weight are my plans. LynnMarie has plans. So far, 3 VBS's and one Bible camp and if we can swing a  Princess music camp will keep her busy. I am hoping to get home to Fl for at least a week but that is not in place yet.

Working on making a difference. Going on and being the hands and feet of Jesus. Not sure why I have not made any attempt so far, but I am sure its pretty much due to laziness. I find it funny because reading LM her Bible story book every night is reminding me about what I have and what I need to be. So lots going on in my mind right now. Work is busy. Lots and lots of kids in the hospital these days, a lot are accidents.  We are seeing a lot of normal kid accidents but a lot are on trampolines, even the ones with with the screens..UGH!! So much stuff out there, it is crazy!!! 

Just read this, what a boring post!! Sorry!

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