Thursday, June 14, 2012

God's whispers

So, I have been having some serious prayer time these days. Asking God to open my eyes and ears to hear and see things in a different light. He has been doing that a little bit at a time through friends, my daughter and other experiences. I am so wanting some big change that I had been focusing on THE CHANGE, and that was not good.

I have heard God sweetly tell me to slow down, enjoy life and be willing to obey. I once read that the more you obey, the easier it will be to hear HIS voice. I am working on it. But as usual, its hard to obey the things that are uncomfortable for me. That has always been the case.

I am not one that can use big Christian words like many, I am not the best at praying out loud and I am struggling with living a life that shows my love for Him when I am out in public. But I am working on it, I really am.

A few months ago, at church, I heard a whisper from God as our church talked about missions (specifically Africa) I am not sure what it was about, but I heard Him say, Why not you? I am big on making excuses, and I quickly replied...because. That's all I had. Ugh. I have been waiting for doors to be open to be encouraged,, blah blah blah. That's another excuse because if I truly were chasing after Him, I would running towards the opportunities, there are several around me.

So, I am leaving the church this morning from dropping LynnMarie off at VBS and I see a lady that I was in Bible Study with last team.  We chatted, looking forward to our Bible study in the fall and she tells me she just got back from Haiti. Without a beat, she asked me when I am going to Africa? Ok, I didn't mention this in Bible Study, nor her as I do not know her very well. I gave her a list of my excuses, including not leaving my girl for 2 weeks and she tells me that she left her 4 little ones and that she would be praying for me. I walked away thinking I should not have told her that ( I'm being honest here). I got in my car. Thought about it. Thought about my excuse and heard "Amy, you can't leave your family and comfort for 2 weeks? I gave my son for you, and you can't serve me alone for 2 weeks? I promise you, your life will be changed. OBEY ME! Seriously, these moments have been coming a bit more frequently and I drove away teary eyed.

More to come

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  1. Love your heart, and the way God is whisper shouting at you! :)