Thursday, January 10, 2013

those goals

So, this week I started working on my spiritual and physical health. I started a new Bible Study called Patriarchs by Beth Moore and will be learning about some of the leaders in Genesis. I think I am going to love this group. A lot of the ladies are a few years older than me, and I love that. Lots of wisdom to learn from! I tend to interact more with ladies who are not in my age group. I have kind of all been like that, I am not much more. I guess I realize I do not to impress anyone. Told you I was odd!

I also started back at Weight Watchers and it was not a fun weigh in but it was needed  and I had some great fellowship with ladies. I started tracking this morning and so far so good. Had some yummy waffles and fruit for breakfast and stocked up so I should be avoiding the cafeteria all weekend which is a good thing.

Book goal- I am starting with a Francis Chan book and Ms. Understood this weekend and am so excited, now if I can just find an hour or 2 to get started. Thanks to all of you who have either commented here or face booked messaged me. You sent me such encouraging words.

 So that's how January 2013 has started. Time for a new start, time for new changes. 

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