Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First post

So I am sitting here wondering how I can simplify my life more and give more. Now I dont want to just give, I want to give so that I am uncomfortable with.

A lot of this came from reading the book Crazy Love, but a lot of this has come from being a mom and wanting to be a good example to my daughter. She is almost 3 and will be watching everything we do.

I am struggling with being comfortable vs. doing what God has commanded of us. Why is it so hard to follow his commands? Why don't we do it more? So I am going to start thinking again, getting back in the word, having great conversations and seeing what God will do with my life. I am ready for transformation, but I need to let God do it, and not trying to just change to be a better Amy.

So pray for me, that I can actually let my creator change how I think, talk, act, etc.!

I will be back later!

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