Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Getting back to the basics

So today we started our small group Bible Studies at church. Now this year is different as we are meeting as a large group with praise and worship before getting into small group discussions.

At our church, we typically do the contemporary praise stuff including Chris Tomlin, and other Passion singers. Today, one of our teaching pastors led music with his wife and his guitar ( had no idea he could play) and led us in some old school singing using scripture as lyrics. I loved it. We sand This is the Day and Rejoice in the Lord Always.

So then we got to watch our first video which was done by Kay Arthur. Don't judge, I'm usually not a fan of Kay Arthur! Why? She scares the heck out of me! But today, she talked about getting back into the Bible. Everyone around me was talking about getting back in the word. Love Love Love it!

So this week I have homework and will get back to Bible Study next week with my new friends, which was another surprise as I am getting to see my friend Susan every week. Susan was instrumental in our adoption. In fact, the lady sitting beside me adopted 2 girls from Korea 30 years ago! So lots of adoption talk in our group today. I am very excited where he will take this group!!!

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