Friday, August 9, 2013

Thankful list 80-90

80. A new school with new opportunities for our sweet girl 
81. Friends who checked on this momma while her girl went to kindergarten for the first time 
82. The ability not to hover and let her attempt the bus like a big girl 
83. Good finds on garage sale sites so LynnMarie can finally have a princess room 
84. A friend who had a end of treatment celebration 
85. tax free weekend 
86. A call off from work so LynnMarie would not miss her Sneak a Peak and mom could go with her 87. Friends who are getting so close to adding to their family through adoption 
88. Swim time this week and watching our sweet girl learn to swim
89. the anticipation of Fall Bible Study 
90. The Bible- so much is in there and its still relevant. I think that's just cool

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