Monday, April 21, 2014

Thankful list

I am thankful for

128. Easter is more than bunnies, baskets and eggs.
129. The process of adoption continues to change me
130. Not being normal is now becoming normal
131. Friends who intentionally take the road that is obviously more difficult and walk it with strength, bravery and faith.
132. A change in my work environment which is changing my passion a little bit
133. Giggles and silliness from a sweet, 6 year old
134. The ability to hear Let it Go in 3 different languages
135. A husband who has limited function in one arm and still makes yummy meals
136. A husband who is having surgery to work on that arm function next week
137. Netflix
138. Friends who love who are honest with you even when you know its hard for them to be that honest
139. Summer is coming!
140. Successful IEP meeting
141. No matter how bad my day goes, I can always find something to look forward to
142. Summer is coming which leads to fall which leads to Christmas

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