Wednesday, January 22, 2014

and yet another 39 things about me

1. I could live at Disney if I could. Not really, but planning a trip is as much fun as actually going
2. I may have the silliest child in the world.
3. Before I met my husband, I did not listen to Buffet or musicals. Since being married, I have learned to loved both
4, As much as I loved pediatrics, I really miss working with the elderly They were quite entertaining and had the best stories.
5. It took my longer than most to become a nurse, but thankful for the journey that got me there
6. I could shop for Christmas decorations year round.
7. Our adoption story started many years ago on an excursion on a Disney Cruise. God works anywhere!
8. I care way to much about what people think..Its very sad!
9.I prefer cold weather over hot weather any day but I do love a Caribbean Cruise
10.  I picked October as our wedding month so we could always have a fall anniversary trip!
11. I have so many dreams and  no clue how to achieve them
12.I never drank unsweetened tea until I get married and now believe that Cracker Barrel has the best in the world
13. I want to have an Anne of Green Gables marathon
14. I remember my parents watching Dallas every Friday night..I guess it was their Downton Abbey.
15. My dad traveled a lot when we were younger and always brought us a prize home.
16. I did not go to my senior prom and I still do not regret it.
17.It took my a long time to realize that being a Christian was more than just following a book of rules
18. I hated communion Sundays in church only because I knew I would spill the grape juice..Thankful for the walk up kind now.
29. I have never had a beer. I have never said I haven't had alcohol, just not a beer
30. I share more things with people on fb then in real life.
31. I wish I had a British accent
32.I would have enjoyed living on Little House on the Prairie
33.When I was 19 I discovered EBAY and bought A LOT OF Christmas stuff. Got boxes daily. I paid 10 dollars for a beautiful Christmas plantar. I opened it and saw a .99 price tag on it.Poor me!
34. In nursing school I had a patients toe fall off in my hand. Yes, read it again.
35.I did not go to my first funeral  until I became a pediatric nurse
36. I cheated for the first time in  First grade. I had to do a book report and pretty much just rewrote the story and turned it in.
37.I judge way too much, yet I hate to be judged.
38.I used to go to Jim and Tammy Fays PTL club a lot as a child and see the Christmas lights with my grandparents.
39. I cried the entire movie of Radio.

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