Monday, November 1, 2010


So what do you do when you keep putting yourself in someone else's shoes and all it does make you feel sad? I wish I could help everyone. I pass homeless people and I cant help but wonder what made that person homeless, does that person have a family and what does that person really need besides prayer?

I have a family who has decided to send their child on hospice, meaning they are getting ready to say goodbye to their precious child who has battled so hard against a stinky brain tumor. What goes on at home? Do they cry? Are they as joyful as their blog posts are? I just don't understand.

I wonder what Jesus did. I mean, I know what He did. I have read the stories. But to watch people suffer made him suffer. I wonder how Gods heart breaks when we dont help others or when we are selfish or when we make poor decisions. These are some of the random thoughts that go through my head.

We are blessed. We are blessed with so many things and so many dont have anything. I wonder what its like for a sweet baby to go to bed hungry or a baby not to know the love of a mom and dad. I hate wondering. I think its good to wonder because it help my heart grow a bit and I love to see things in a new perspective. This post has no end as my thoughts just keep going and going in such a random way!!

Does anyone else seem to do this as well? Just wonder what you would do/think/say in a variety of situations?

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  1. If you follow the theology of original sin, then God already knows the sins into which one is born. He knows ALL about us, from our birth to our death. Does His heart break each time we sin since he already knows us?

    Yes, we can have empathy for others. However, to truly empathize with another is to have been in their shoes. I believe what you are experiencing is sympathy ( and it is a natural emotion to have, especially when we see things that are so hard for us to understand.