Saturday, December 11, 2010


Its an odd holiday for the Christopher's, one that I would not change.

3 years ago I wondered when we would be a family of 3 at Christmas
2 years ago she was in my heart at Christmas
1 year ago, we saw lights in her eyes at the mystery of the holiday
This year,we see her sweet and tender heart exploring the holiday, questioning things and just loving life.

This year, the Christopher's are sort of forced to have a trimmed down Christmas. Time, finances and put us in a place where I can't go crazy like I usually do. Wow, I love it. Oh we have decorations, gifts a tree. But we also have cuddles, books, music and family time. It feels good.

I have been mentally overwhelmed but different areas of my life. Nothing bad, all has worked out but even church had me stressed for a bit. Im still not sure why I had to dwell on everything but now I am in a good place. I had to learn that sometimes change and pruning is good. We may not see it immediately but we need to have faith that God's plan will work out the way He intended.

The Christopher's will be okay. I have a family that is full of love, silliness, fun and all kinds of stuff. I have friends and family that truly love me. That's such a comfortable feeling.
Although this blog is private, there is still stuff I am hesitant to post. Maybe one day, but not now.

This Christmas I think of the families who are still waiting for there kids to come home. I pray for those in the hospital who know its their last Christmas with their family.

Anyway, God is obviously doing some cool things behind the scenes. Things I cant see quite yet. TO me thats both exciting and scary but I guess I will focus on the exciting part

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  1. I have loved our "trimmed down" holidays waaaayyyy more than our crazy holidays. This past one was nice - til we got to one particular house - then I felt gross and privileged and hated that for my kids. I want soooo much more than "stuff" for them. i want to shelter them from "stuff"...see. I don't think like most people! :)