Tuesday, September 10, 2013


91. Bible Study- Started a new study that is taking me out of my comfort zone but I know and trust this is needed. Thankful I had the guts to sign up and go to the first week,
92. My dad semi-retired. He is the hardest working man I know. I am thankful for him and he deserves his own post.
93. My daughter has stayed on green all week.
94. Coworkers who let me vent and are not only coworkers, but great friends as well
95. Fall is coming which means Christmas is around the corner
96. Change in attitudes from someone who is very close to me. Its been awesome.
97. The Welcome Home theme at our church I remember growing up in church and the amazing people around me. I am hoping sweet LynnMarie has the same feelings
98. My mom had a great doctors report today..Yahoo
99.  I am going home for Thanksgiving which means lots of memory making
100. The fact that my parents gave me a brother of sister.. true awesomeness. I wish I saw both of them awesome
101. Orphan awareness- thankful to friends over the years who have made adoption much more than growing their family..

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