Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hello 2014

I fail at New Years resolutions or goals so this year  I am just going to focus on a lot of things I need to be better at.

Here in no particular order are what I need to be better at

1)More time in the Bible and prayer- This is a must. Need to quit whining to the human race and start working on getting my heart right. Simple as that.
2) Spend less time on facebook. Social media is driving my crazy. I love love love keeping in touch with my friends and family but thats about it. As someone who has serious jealous issues, facebook is no help. Everyime I get on there, I feel like I all I see is  "look what I got" or "my kid is so awesome that.." or etc. Anyway, I am aware that most people are not like that and its just the way I perceive it, but perhaps I can get rid of some of this yuckiness.
3)Go out of my way to be a better friend. Yall, friendships are hard and require some work. Really they do. I need to quit whining and start serving, helping and sharing. Keeping too much closed up is no good for friendships
4 These are my big goals of the year. I should have used an outline as their lots that go under each heading..HAHA! If you know me, I like to make lists!! THanks for reading friends

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