Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Days of Being Thankful

11. A sweet friend who has encouraged and prayed for me and hundreds if not thousands over the years, and getting ready to FIGHT HARD. Thankful for her friendship, prayers, authenticity, advice and faithfulness.
12. My sweet girls questions about Martin Luther King Jr. Hard questions but love that she wants everyone to love and to love back. Doesn't understand why people would ever treat people with discrimination.
13. Cold Weather- sorry peeps, I love the cold weather.
14. Simple meals like ravioli or baked potato
15. The reminders about the destruction of gossip in my Bible study app this week.
16. A sister who is just awesome. She struggles like a lot of people, but stays joyful and full of love
17. My amazing niece who has started learning to drive.
18. Meeting adoptive families at work!!
19. 20 days free of soda and candy
20. Touch Math- a way LynnMarie has started learning addition and subtracting

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