Friday, January 1, 2016

What will be in 2016?

Or what will I bring to 2016? Lots of room for improvement so that's a good thing. Desiring to live, love and give better this year and to show patience and unconditional love to many. My  word for the year will be INTENTIONAL. Intentional living, giving, and loving.

Other resolutions or goals or improvement projects
1) NO coke zero or soda- (exception on our cruise in May)
2) Spend more time in the word other than doing homework for my Bible Study
3) Going to quit waiting for others to work on building friendships and start asking my self. I sure have wasted a lot of time keeping people away.
4) Give weekly and monthly. We are going to give to the church, purchase something each week for the MUST ministry emergency list each week and find a place to volunteer together, like a nursing home monthly.
5) Quit using other people as an excuse and just eat better and exercise more.
6) See my family more. Not just my mom and dad and sister, but my extended family as well.

This is where I am starting. Too tired to post everything I want to and it wouldn't make sense anyway. I wish everyone a wonderful New Year and get those goals going.

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