Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Sat night was a rare date night at one of my favorite events, a Christian concert. It was MWS, Third Day and Toby Mac! Loved it! Its also a scary time. Confused? I love praise and worship at concerts like this, I love knowing that God is enjoying the praise and I love it when the Holy Spirit is moving. I love leaving places where I am motivated to love more, encourage and sin less. I come home with a spiritual high only to have spiral down a few days later. It always happens. I just don't like that part.

But I was sitting there Sat night, thinking how much safer I would feel if I simply connected myself to my Christian friends and avoided all others. I really was thinking that. I would be more likely to obey Gods commandments and just be happier..Sad, huh? But we are not commanded to do that which is scary!

and now its Oct 5, and we just got home from a family dinner that ended in disaster. I ended up going off in a unGodly way to the manager and having a nice chat with LM about mommys behavior. Totally disappointed in myself. I did not represent Christ tonight at all, which is what we were commanded to do!

Anyone go through stuff like this?

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  1. Everyone has the adrenaline rush - be from a Christian concert or just a bit of good news. It's just how it is. Take the good feelings you have and try to channel them into one small thing - reading a chapter from your Bible each day, listening to a Christian song you really like, etc.

    It is just about impossible to cloister yourself away from non-Christians in this day and time unless you want to become a hermit. Take being with non-Christians as a way to show them how a Christian should act - kindness, respect, gratitude, etc.

    Remember, no matter how hard we try, there are times when we do things that don't show ourselves to be very Christian-like. That is when you suck it up, have a nice, long conversation with God, and know that the next day, you get to start anew.

    Don't hold things against yourself because God doesn't. Everyday is a fresh canvas upon which you can paint.