Sunday, March 13, 2011

the earth

What a scary time on this earth. Am I the only one who wonders if God is ready to come take His children home. This has really really been on my mind. Then I think of the millions who live in poverty, the thousands of homeless just in the United States and then I think of statistics. I read somewhere today that if each church in the Dallas, Tx surrounding area took one homeless person in to help get off the street, that would eliminate the homeless population in that city.

I keep wondering why most of us don't help more, that we stay in our little bubble because its sooo comfortable. I have donated money but I want to do more. I want LynnMarie to see us do more so next week LynnMarie and I are going to donate time to MUST ministries and just love on some people. I am a bit nervous but frankly we are called to love our neighbors and most of aren't doing squat...I am a little frustrated with myself if you have not figured that out...
Ugh...more to come later

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