Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Life is not always rainbows

I miss blogging here. You know why? When you are talking to a person face to face and you talk to much, they can not just walk away. When you blog, if you blog, they can just turn it off. I love those options.

Struggling this week. I feel like life as I know it is about to change and I have no control. I am thankful that God is. I have know God since a I was a little girl and so thankful that He has been a strong part of my life. I have written before that I am not big on religious words. Which is good because my my relationship with God is far more than religion. I like comfort, to feel safe. But I am not sure God wants me to feel comfortable. I need to be out of my comfort zone. I know that, but too lazy to get out, I am afraid. My heart is heavy for those I love right now. I do not like the unknown. I like to know how things will work out. I do not like a lack of control. Ugh

Enough sadness, we just got backed from our first family trip to Disney world. It was a 5 day trip celebrating LynnMaries birthday and Gotcha Day and we made some wonderful memories. I can not believe we get to be her parents. She is the silliest girl I know. I have been blessed beyond measure and I need to do something about those blessings. Maybe that's my next step!

More tomorrow...Have to go watch the Christmas episode of Downton Abbey


  1. I'm glad you're back. You've been missed!

  2. Writing is good therapy and when someone just happens to read it and gets blessed, even better. Appreciate you....