Tuesday, April 30, 2013

58. Sophia the First on Disney Channel

59. The re-discovery of the library and learning the rules when we visit

60. Mommy-daughter bonding time on quick trip to Florida

61. Hubbys spaghetti

62. Coworkers who remember to ask me about Gotcha Day and the ability to share those videos

63. Getting to meet and care of China babies at work

64. Fear. I am not thankful for fear but thankful that God uses fear to bring me closer to Him

65. Friends who fight to bring their kids home. I hate they have to fight but love seeing how God works in those moments

66. Music where the lyrics remind me of the Truth

67. Anticipation of summer

68. The peace of decision making and not looking back

69. The idea of getting out of comfortable zone to experience something new

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