Monday, April 8, 2013

Being Thankful 33-47

33. Spring Break

34. Play dates with friends we do not see often

35. watching one 5 year old teach another 5 year old how to dig and collect rocks

36. A sweet 5 year old singing Ice Ice Baby back to me 

37. Improved communication skills

38. Patient's families teaching me that judgement stinks

39. Friends who love me despite knowing my faults (this should be on every list)

40. Summer is getting closer

41. Random giggles

42. Library books that have taught this mom to read some of them first

43. Facebook online garage sales and scoring some Disney Kinkaid Prints

44. College roommate finally getting close to getting her sweet China baby

45. College friends beginning the very step in adoption

46. Childhood pictures showing up on facebook that I thought were lost in a house fire.

47. Warm showers, cars to drive in, phones that can do almost anything. There are people who do not have these luxuries.

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