Monday, April 1, 2013



12. Food in my fridge
13. Dish washers
14. Trash service
15. the ability to take my daughter to the library and park after school
16. To see her emotions growing to understand sadness and joy
17. Bible Study friends of all ages who do not judge, but encourage and advise when necessary
18. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob- those before me have shown how God is faithful. 
19. Opportunities for LynnMarie opening up all around us
20. Wonderful coworkers, may whom I have had for over 10 years
21. The fact that we do not have to walk to get clean water 

So many basic things have been on my mind after watching a show on 60 minutes this week. It was entitled Lost Boys and showed men from Africa making a new life in the United States  and they appreciated everything, even a toaster. I am humbled by having so much. Who needs 2 bookcases full of books? Who needs over 100 DVDs and Cd's?  Its crazy how much we have. There are people who do not sleep with a pillow or shower with hot water. Its CRAZY! Just imagining what life would be like if we all shared our resources and spent our life helping others. 

Selfishness stinks. 

What are you thankful for?

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