Friday, April 5, 2013

For soooo many things

22. A husband who brings me dinner to take to work

23. a husband who sends me encouraging texts to work

24. a daughter who reminds me that my day should be full of sillies

25. Bible study women who share their heart and encourage many

26. Thankful that God can take yucky emotions like jealousy and turn them into awesomeness

27. Pandora stations like Passion that make the drive to work better

28. Season 3 of Downton Abbey, but not so much the finale

29.Reliving Disney memories with my sweet girl

30. communicating with relatives on facebook and learning  so much about whats going on

31.Spring because that means summer is approaching and then fall and that means CHRISTMAS will soon be here.....yippeeee

32. finding 10-15 minutes here and there to catch up on  new book

1 comment:

  1. Finally had a chance to bounce over here and read your most recent posts. Have to say that I laughed out loud about LM calling friends muffin heads :) Nice to see that you are writing from your heart. Does a body good. Hope Easter was great and that your mom is doing better.