Friday, October 12, 2012


Made it to my first weight watchers meeting in a long time. So here is how it works. For the past few years, I go to a WW meeting with my friend Donna. I leave Bible Study a few minutes early, we go and weigh in  and then we head over to lunch for some yummy Mexican food and fellowship. Before you go all crazy on me, fat people have to eat too. I am just saying.. So we have figured out a lunch that is pretty low in points and we skip all the cheese and sour cream and such. OK, so when I order the queso, that is a bad choice, but just remember everyone, even fat people, get treats as well. I am just saying.  Anywho, the weight in was not as bad as I expected and I have some hope! My leader has lost an amazing amount of weight!

So before Bible study, without doing the homework. I felt sooo guilty but I just could not get it done with our anniversary trip and school work. I went anyway. I am doing the Breaking Free study with some awesome gals who have been sharing some of their history, their stories and prayer requests. Can I tell you how much I want to be like those people? Now I have to tell you, and I know she is going to read this but my amazingly, awesome, wonderful, encouraging Bible study leader called me out on Wed and told people to come over and read my blog and then I said something I shouldn't have. It was meant to be funny but I said it out of fear and surprise and had to go and apologize to her. Because of guilt. Strike one. 

I have spent hours upon hours thinking of  my issues and how many I have brought on myself. It stinks that these issues stay in my brain for so long.

There are many encouraging verses out there that have been popping in my head lately. I am working on gettings one more in my head because it really does help when I can just quote them. Sounds silly since I have been a Christian for so long but I do not have nearly enough hidden in my heart.

But I go back to one that I made my life verse as a teenager and now it appears as it really hits on my weaknesses.

2 Timothy 1:7

New International Version (NIV)
For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.

Now when you read this in various verses, it talks about being strong and not afraid of things which is clearly something I need to work on. Then there is part 2 which talks about self-discipline, which is something I struggle with. Not just with the obvious weight but self disipline in regards to material items, cleaning my house and getting organized and just living the life I was called to be.

I know I can be better better, do better. I was created for soo much more!

Thanks for reading friends!

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