Sunday, September 5, 2010

One of the first things that made think WOW in this book was simply why do people ask why there are starving people in Africa when God should be asking us the same question. I may have misquoted that but thats what I got out of it!

Why are there so many hurting people? Why are there so many who are hungry, so many who are dying from diseases around the world that we are immunized for? Why are we not helping like we should? Its really not that simple or is it? Did God create us to help one another, did he create us for community regardless if that community is local or global?

Why am I not helping more? Fear of being uncomfortable or is it as simple as being lazy? I am sooo afraid of living in a more simple lifestyle yet I want my daughter to see that. UGH. SO many friends have stepped of their comfort zones. I even have a facebook friend who is moving to Uganda. That is big. That is a complete lifestyle change.

Why are we not helping. If we all gave 10 dollars at one time to help one village or one community, can you imagine the change we could bring?

My mind can not comprehend that loneliness, the pain, the hunger, the despair that most of us will never experience.

I fully believe that God did not create us to be comfortable.

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