Thursday, September 2, 2010

Prayer and more prayer

So driving to work today I decided to do something different. I cut off Star 94, actually I cut off the radio so I could chat with God. Out Loud. It was well, odd at first. I'm trying to be honest. So I talked, attempted to listened and finished my pre prayer work. Ended and turned the radio on and I honestly heard in my mind, "Is that all ya got?"? Ouch. I didn't even hesitate to turn the radio off and get a little deeper with God! Yeah God

So I get to work and part of my prayer was to help something. Not just a patient or family but to really help someone. Got to work, all was well, and as I was getting a drink, my phone rang. A random nurse from another floor called and asked me a computer problem. NO ONE calls me for computer problems. But I smiled and said I will be right up. Got to chat with friends and we figured out the problem.

Walking back, a lady asked me where the sleep lab was. I walked her over and said they will be right with you. The room was dark and they looked a bit nervous. I have never been in there but I looked around and found a number to call. Got the info they needed and got them settled in by showing them around and turning on the TV.

All I can say is Yeah God!

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