Thursday, September 2, 2010


So I am doing well with the changes I want. Its not that I am doing anything bad, its just that I am doing anything. Ugh.
I have a few daily goals

1) That my mind will be focused on eternal things and what I can do to help further the kingdom. Which means having to train my mind to get off of my daily silly things like facebook time, tv time, etc. What can I do today?
2) Attempt to make a difference in someones life. Whether its a smile, asking a stranger if they need help or going out of my way to help are just a few things
3) Change in prayer habits. One of the worst things I can do is tell you that I am praying for you and not actually doing it or doing the simple prayer of God please take care of my friends, AMEN! What a gift we have to have deep conversation with out Creator and we don't take advantage of it. I mean, really really talking to him. Not hiding anything, He already knows your thoughts, he just wants to communicate with you!

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