Friday, November 16, 2012


I am blessed and thankful for the simple things
51. clean air
52. clean water
53. the ability to make my house warm or cold. Some do not even have the option
54. the ability to give ( we have the ability, not sure why we do not do it more)
55. the opportunity to continue my education
56. Friends who are not afraid to be honest but can be kind at the same time
57. Hallmark Christmas movies
58. forgiveness from my husband and others
59. Fall candles
60. Friends who live their faith, which motivates me
61. The road that led to adoption
62. infertility- who would ever be thankful for that? Look at what I got instead
62. The sweet words of my little girl and the lessons she is learning
63. Coworkers of almost 11 years who still talk to me- HA!
64. College memories- I had amazing friends and roomies I still communicate with
65. Mistakes- I do not like to make them, but I sure appreciate learning from them
66. Wednesday morning Bible Study- the ability to hear from others and learn from the Word is awesome
67. Encouraging words
68. My sister
69. The changing of seasons

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