Sunday, November 4, 2012


21. Orphan Sunday- an opportunity to bring awareness to the church and the world of what we can do for those who can not help themselves. On that note, I am thankful there is a group at our church fighting for the fatherless. I love that they love
22.Diet Mountain Dew at 5:50 A.M
23.Joy that can only be found
24. Christmas music that always lifts my spirit
25.Christian songwriters- I love to hear someone singing what I am thinking
26. A sister who is as honest and as funny as they come. I wish she were closer
27. A brother who I love but do not get to see much
28. my vision- some live this life without it but thankful that I can see all that God created
29. My God is a God of details who works behind the scene. Seriously he does not have to prove Himself to me, but he chooses to.

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