Friday, November 23, 2012

Life lessons from Walmart

Today, my sweet girl and I got up early but not too early to hit some stores. No big crowds and we did find a few things but I have to tell you, this year, the desire to buy and have is just not there. I wonder how many people actually wait hours and hours to get the item they want? Not that I am judging, I am just wondering. Anyway, we did Michaels, Family Christian, Target and then Walmart. We assumed Walmart would be crazy at 930 but it was not and we even got a front row space.

So, as we walk in, I see a sweet lady looking around and noticed she looked uncomfortable. I have a big mouth so I said, You are brave wearing those high heels. She then told me she was trying to find her ride, as she and a few others were going to a coworkers funeral. Someone they had worked with for years and will be greatly missed. She was obviously sad, had things on her mind and I asked her if I could help. She politely said no thank you and said her ride was on her way. As we left, she was the first person to wish us a Merry Christmas this season.

So as we shopped, dreamed and giggled, we passed a lot of advertised deals. I saw a lady looking a freestanding display of large tv's. I recognized that one because I had searched and searched last night for a new tv. I saw it a bit cheaper so I thought I would let her know. I asked her if she was thinking about that one, and she said no and scurried over to the other side of the aisle. The lady had a limp and as far as I kind tell, had cerebral palsy, and was nervous. She then muttered thank you to us and kept walking. My sweet LM who is learning to be respectful of others difference asked where the kind lady was going.  I explained the lady was going to keep shopping like us. But my daughter heard her kind voice and not her physical differences. 

On our way home from Walmart, we stopped at a 4 way stop and saw a homeless man sitting on the corner with a sign. So here I am, gifts in the back, money in my hand and a man in need to my right.  We rolled down the window and gave the man the money we had. He came over and thanked us. This man was obviously physically not able to move quickly and we told him to take his time, but as I handed him the money we got honked at by the car behind us. He pulled around and yelled something but I have no idea what it was. I just know that there was a man in need and I had cash in my hand and it was obvious what I needed to do. I have no idea what the man will do with his money, but that's not my concern. I have to continue to remember that we have to care, we have to go out of our comfort zone to help others.

Anyway, it was not our ordinary trip to Walmart. But I learned of 3 new people, with 3 different stories. We have got to get out of the little box we live in. I have so much to learn!~

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